Little Things are Great to Little Men

Outlines: IntroductionVale of greatness depends on our sense of proportionAdvantages of having few ambitionsGreatness is an illusionIt is a fact that “the great would not think t Read Complete Post

Handsome is That Handsome Does

Outlines:IntroductionLife without any object to move is a thing without mindMoral aims, ideas or valuesConclusionThis is a moral maxim, one

Exuberance Is Beauty

Outline:The faculty of humourThe result of good laughFace expressions of businessmenSunny soul is always welcomedThe virtue to help othersTh

Life Is a Bed of Thorns

Outline:A harsh realityA hopeless widowA toiling manThe story of a pathetic ladyDifference between the rich and the poorA multi-dimensional

Life is Action, Not Contemplation

Outline:IntroductionStruggle has its own rewardToo much thinking, a disease akin to melancholiaProgress in the amalgamation of theoretical and practical knowledgeA balanced attitudeConclusionThis line has been taken from the collection of f Read Complete Post

Life & Action

OutlinesIntroductionAdvantages of contemplationNumber of men contributed their lives for humanity and were in action in while of their lifeConclusionThis famous quotation from the German poet and Philosopher Goethe contains a valuable idea. Read Complete Post

Our Materialistic Life

Outline: Man’s deviation from spiritual contentmentThe result of spiritual decayOur complete separation from natureMan’s time consciousnessThe wrong notion of civilizationThe role of science in shattering the faithMan’s maddening purs Read Complete Post

Variety is the Spice of Life

Outline:Spices, imparting taste to foodFreedom from dullnessVariety’s definition abuses of a monotonous lifeIt is not enough that our food should be wholesome; it must be tasteful too. But what is that, above all, which imparts taste, to Read Complete Post

The Way to Happiness

Outline: Introduction Concepts of happiness Sources of happiness Way of thinking Immaterial approach Contentment To live with minimum thing Happiness generates happiness conclusion The axis of human activity is the conquest of happiness but Read Complete Post

Life is a Mission

  Outline: Man born for a definite purpose Harmony between mind and body The habit of doing good deeds The art of great expectation and its miracles The Broader significance of life Life is real, life is earnest and t Read Complete Post

Hope is Balm of Life

“The miserable have no other medicine, but only hope.”(Shakespeare) It is true that hope is balm or medicine for all our sufferings. all ills in life. Our lives are measured by time. We live in the present, ponder over the past and hope Read Complete Post

We Live In Deeds, Not Years

OutlineThe most fundamental thing in lifeBlind clinging to lifeBlessing for a long life, most valued possession of manOur feeling about a man who dies earlyThe true standard for judging a life not years but deedsThe example of Christ, Buddh Read Complete Post