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Renewable Energy Resources Spring 2015 Past Paper

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Renewable Energy Sources past paper for 2015 for Allama Iqbal Open University

& ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY WR KR Level: Ph.D Physics Semester: Spring 2015 Paper: Renewable Energy Resources. (9706) Maximum Marks: 100 Time Allowed: 03 Hours Pass Marks: 50 Note: ATTEMPT FIVE QUESTIONS. ALL CARRY EQUAL MARKS. Qi. (a) How calculate know the si solar system for five bad house and battery backup system for six hour; (10) (b) Liner current is used for boosters of pumps. How they work and what they do? (10) Q2. (a) Calculate the ratio of wind Speed if downstream of the turbine is 17 m/sec and upstream is 10 m/sec? (10) (b) Semiconductors materials sed in solar cells, discuss the most used Semiconductors materials :. solar cells with their efficiency? (10) Q.3. (a) What is the difference be! the two terms wind mill and wind turbine? (10) (b) Inwind profile, dose it be idered as after 10m if yes explain with resign and if no then what is the al ate? (10) Q.4. (a) How do we measure leaka: rrent in solar grid tied inverter? (10) (b) What are the typical way: odel errors in wind power forecast? _—_(10) Q5. (a) Analysis the load of two 10 ~ Volt LED lights and operates for 4 hours/night? (10) (b) Discuss the technical chanefiaie the field of storage and distribution of solar energy? (10) Q.6. Give the details of principl energy conversion and turbine types in Hydropower? (20) Q.7. (a) What is the current status and future prospects of Hydrogen energy? (10) (b) Explain the generation of tides power? (10) Q8. Write short notes on any two of the followings: (a) Traditional and nontraditional uses of Biogas (10) (b) Importance of hydrogen (H2) as an energy carrier (10) (©) Micro and mini Hydropower (10) (d) Fuel cells (10)

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